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Smaller painting projects

Smaller painting projects

As I mentioned in the post about repurposing furniture, I am new to crafting, but have gotten hooked. These are my first 2 painting crafts I did after we got married and moved into out new place. They are not big but I think they turned out really well.

The first piece is a special one as it belonged to Sean’s grandfather. It was a dark wood color which was a little to dark to match our style/furniture. I sanded it down with a sanding block. I then used Behr Ultra white paint and primer in one. I applied 2 coats of paint and then I used the Ralph lauren faux technique glaze. This glaze is one of my favorites I love the color it adds to the base paint color, and the detail of the wood lines.

Here is the finished product. I did not get a before picture to show comparison.

The second project is one of my favorite pieces I have added to the apartment. This was a old window frame I got for $5 from a gentleman in Woodstock. I had to sand it down as it was quite weathered. After sanding down I taped up around the window panes with painters tape. I used the same paint and stain combination that I used for Sean’s grandfathers drawer piece.  I used 3 coats of paint on the majority of the piece as it needed some serious coverage to create an even base. I used a paint brush to paint this  piece. After painting I used my go to RL stain (did I mention that I love that product!).  After the window dried we picked some of our favorite wedding pictures and put them in the window panes. This is a great project because you can do so much after you finish the window. You can do different pictures like I did or you can do one big poster size picture, scrapbook paper, letters, or what ever you care for. Here is the final project after I just put the pictures in and then with it hung up on the wall! I have this in our living room hung up above the couch.