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Craft Room!

Craft Room!

This is one of my favorite rooms in our new house. Seeing as we have extra bedrooms, and no kids to fill them yet, I was able to use one of the secondary bedrooms as a  room for a craft room. I have never had a place to keep all my craft related materials and “in-progress” projects together and neatly out of the way. Before, I was running all around the apartment getting the materials and tools I needed. I had to do my work on the coffee table or the dining room table and I had to put everything up when it was time to eat or had to leave so the dog wouldn’t mistake it for a chew toy.

For my craft room, I have a Pinterest inspired craft table that I made using a table top from IKEA and 2 book shelves I bought for cheap at Walmart. The book cases are great for added storage space.

Above the table I have a cork board that has my ideas and inspirations for future projects!
I have an armoire that I store paint and other items so they are out of reach of the dog. I also added some wall decor.
Now to get my craft on and put this room to use!

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