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Scrabble Wall Decor

Scrabble Wall Decor

I am super excited about this project. I have been trying to decide what to put on the wall upstairs leading to the guest bedroom since we moved in. I came across a giant scrabble pin on Pinterest and I knew it would be perfect.

Supplies needed: 
Wood blocks x12  (mine are about 8″x8″)
Black paint
Mod Podge in gloss finish or a Polycrylic sealant
Pain brushes
Command hooks or nails

I used the free downloads for the scrabble letters from Something Turquoise.

In this blog she used 8″x8″ basswood cradled canvas/tiles from Michaels. I originally planed on using those, but when I went to Michaels those tiles were $14/each. I needed 12 tiles, with the price adding up fast I decided to use an alternative for my wood blocks. I headed over to Home Depot to see what I could come up with! At Home Depot I found poplar boards that were just under 8″ wide and only $2.96/ft. I got an 8ft board and had it cut into 8″ pieces. My boards aren’t perfect squares but for the savings, I am ok with that.

After getting the supplies needed I was ready to get started. First I printed off the letters from the blog listed above, and trimmed the excess off the pages.To get the out line  from the paper to the wood I used a pencil transfer technique.

First flip the paper over and shade the edges of the letter and the scrabble number.

Then flip the paper over and place on the board. I taped the edges of mine with painters tape to hold the paper in place.

Then with a pencil I traced along the edges of the letter and number.

Repeat with these steps for each letter.

After you have your outline for all the letters it is time to paint.

I used a 1/2″ brush for the letters and a water color type tiny brush for the numbers. I painted 2 coats for the letters and touched up with a second coat as needed for the numbers. 

Let the paint dry throughly between each coat.
After the letters dry apply the gloss sealant. I brushed on the Mod Podge using two thin coats allowing it to dry between coats.
To hang my letters added brackets to the back of each letter.
To save my walls from nail holes I used these command hooks.
Hanging the letters was the hardest part of this entire project, took a while to get them all hung and evenly spaced. I love the finished project so it was well worth the hanging hassle.
I have this upstairs in the hallway right now, but I am thinking about possibly moving it downstairs to the dining room area. Before I can think about moving I have to finish a couple projects for downstairs. 
❤️ Margaret

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