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DIY Pallet Sign

DIY Pallet Sign
My first pallet project is in the books! I love the way this turned out thanks to some big help from Sean.

First step was to break the pallet down. This part was done courtesy of  Sean, using a sawzall. I used the smaller board from the front of the pallet for this sign, but not to worry the wider boards were saved for another project.

Sean also helped me to cut the boards down to size of 18 inches in length. He also cut two boards to use as braces for the back to hold all the board together. These were cut to about 17 inches in length.
After the boards were separated and cut to size I was ready to get to work creating the sign. Arranging the board and laying them face down I lined the braces vertically on the back of the sign. Using #6 x 1-inch wood screws I attached the braces to the board.
On what will be the top board of my sign, I placed the screw but did not tighten it all the way down just yet, to be able to add the hanging wire when I was finished. For the rest of the boards I placed two screws diagonally to prevent the wood from splitting.
Now time for the stain.  Using Minwax Dark Walnut, applied with a paint bush making sure to work it into the cracks between boards and around the sides of the sign. After coating I used a rag to immediately wipe of the excess stain. Minwax recommends to let the stain sit to allow for the stain to soak in to desired color. I did not let is sit long and it was plenty dark.
After allowing the stain to dry completely, I applied a white wash to the wood to lighten it up and give it a more rustic appearance. I used some Behr extra white paint I had at the house (left over from previous projects) and mixed 1 part paint to about 1 to 2 parts water. To apply I again brushed on with a paint brush and then wiped away excess with a rag. I went back over a couple places to get the desired look.
Now time for the creative part. It took me a while to decide what I wanted my sign to say and what fonts to use. I ended up using Centeria Script and Goudy Old Style fonts.
I made a stencil with my Cricut Explore Air to paint the sign instead of just free handing. I ordered 12″ x12″ sheets of 0.007 Clear Craft Plastic from Amazon. In hind sight I wish I would have used12″x24″ plastic instead, but I made the smaller size work. I used the thin leather setting found under Custom option and it cut the plastic with nice clean lines.
After cutting the stencils on Circut, I removed the positive and used the negative part to create the stencil. I used Elmer’s Tacky spray adhesive to keep the stencil in place and prevent pain from leaking under the stencil. Using craft paint and a stippling brush, I used stippling technique to paint the sign. After painting I removed the stencil and allowed the sign to dry. To hang the sign I used picture wire on the back wrapping it around the screws and then tightening the screw flush to the wood, to hold it in place. And hung the sign above the mantle using a gorilla hook.

Not only does this sign fit above the mantle nicely, but the sign also has a special meaning for us. The phrase on the sign is part of the lyrics from our first dance our the wedding, and purple was one of our wedding colors.

Until Next Time!