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Bathroom Wall Art

Bathroom Wall Art

As part of the master bathroom updates, I added a couple pieces of DIY wall art to add a personalized touch to the blank walls on either side of the vanity. I went with inspiring quotes to help start our day on a positive and uplifting note.

For my quotes I used “Today is a good day for a good day” and “Start each day with a grateful heart”.

The font, magnolia sky, is one of my favorites. I have used in before other projects including the nightstand wall decor. It is a fun farmhouse type style.

The frames are from Kohls. They were on sale and I had Kohls cash to use, so I only came out of pocket maybe $5!! I can’t complain as they match really well and the little bits of light green tones in the frame match well with the green color of the bathroom.

The sign was printed on white cardstock that I had on hand, but in a pinch you could use regular computer paper as well.

The paper is a standard 9.5″ by 11″ so once printed, I cropped it to fit the 8″x10″ frame.   The easiest way to cut it to the proper size is glass from the frame lay it centered over the print and use a pen or pencil and trace around the edge of the glass. Then you can cut along the line to ensure it will fit the frame.

Once it is cut to size just place in the frame and it is ready to hang where ever you’d like and you are done!

I wanted to share this super easy project with you! Just click on the links below for a FREE pdf version of each so you can make them for your home.

Good day

Good day Start each day grateful

Some other farmhouse style touches we have in the master bath include our towel holder and cotton Val/q-tip holders.

The towel holder is a rustic basket that is in the shape of a tub. I received this as a birthday gift a couple of years ago. The cotton ball/q-tips are in mason jars that we had left over from our wedding.

Thanks for stopping by I hope you love your own signs as much as I do. Until next time!