Turning a house into a home you love one DIY project at a time

About Us

About Us

Hello and thanks for stopping by Haddow Design Co.! I am Margaret and this is my adventure to turning our house which we bought in 2015 into a home both Sean and I love. I would love if you followed along for some inspiration and instruction/helpful tips on how you too can make your house into your dream home.

A little about me:

I am a Georgia girl born and raised. I am married to my best friend we have been married almost three years but have been together for nine years. We have two dogs (Bindi and Brady) that are our 4-legged children until we have some 2-legged children of our own.

I love crafting/DIY projects as a way to use my creative side and as a way to relieve stress. Something therapeutic about painting a wood sign or weeding vinyl to use for a stencil or decal!