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Christmas Time at the Haddow’s

Christmas Time at the Haddow’s

This was a busy Christmas season. Decorating, Christmas light shows, and other holiday festivities.

Our first Christmas as Mr & Mrs as well as our first Christmas in our apartment. I love decorating for Christmas. I have been looking forward to it since we moved in!

Our apartment has no fireplace so we had to get a little creative with our stocking placement.

Our entryway table even had Christmas decor! I love these hurricane vases they are great for any season or holiday. Just throw some ornaments in and they are ready to go. I found the Christmas subway art on Pinterest. The nativity scene is one I had from a couple of years ago, but unfortunately didn’t make it to Christmas, thanks to Brady!

Sean surprised me with a date night to see home light shows this season. These houses have a choreographed light show put to holiday music. It was amazing. I would definitely recommend this for next year. You can check out Tacky Light Tour for a listing of houses around the metro area that participated in the 2014 Light Tour.

As far as the week of Christmas, it was a busy week. We started our Christmas week off with bowling with my extended family. It was great having all the cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandmother together to have some fun and catch up, we do not see everyone as often as we should. My grandmother even bowled couple of games.

Then was Christmas Eve. We normally split Christmas Eve between two of Sean’s family friends. This year we only had one due to the second family moving up north. We enjoyed hanging out enjoying dinner and drinks!

Christmas for us consists of three event. Brunch at family friends, lunch with my family, and then dinner with Sean’s family. It makes for a busy day but we enjoy the time spent with both families, and friends.

Thankfully we were both off the day after Christmas and we did not have Church today so we were able to recoup after such a busy week. Now to celebrate New Years!!!